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For newcomers


I hope you are enjoying our Immanuel website.

While you can get a taste of Immanuel on our website, the most important things that happen in and through Immanuel can only be experienced in person.

Here in person you can hear the Good News of Jesus proclaimed with power and relevance. Here in person the Good News of Jesus finds expression in a variety of music. Here in person you can grow in your understanding and living as one who is baptized. Or, if you've never been baptized, here in person you can talk with someone who can share with you the wonder of life as a baptized child of God. Here in person you can gather with the baptized around the Lords table to receive his nourishment - the body and blood of Christ in the Lord's Supper - for your life's journey. Here in person you can get involved with other people in serving Christ's world in a variety of ways.

If your home is in the local area, and you do not yet have a church that you call “home,” let this website be your appetizer. Then come for the main course by worshiping with us, joining us in Bible study, or chatting with me or one of our other staff people about life in Immanuel. While websites are wonderful, informative, and convenient, we can't be church, the body of Christ, alone in front of our computer screens. Church means community. Church means relationships. Let's get together soon!

In Christ,
Pastor Steve Bongard
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